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Re: GSBN:Danish BY og BYG Resultater 033

Hi Martin
Its looks like a great document
but translation?????
Hows things going your end??
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Andre -

The full Danish Resultater 033 by attachment.  The download address is:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sbi.dk/showfile.aspx?IdGuid={B639A92E-DD78-48DA-9410-42A58BE6B630";>http://www.sbi.dk/showfile.aspx?IdGuid={B639A92E-DD78-48DA-9410-42A58BE6B630</a>
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sbi.dk/showfile.aspx?IdGuid={B639A92E-DD78-48DA-9410-42A58BE6B63";>http://www.sbi.dk/showfile.aspx?IdGuid={B639A92E-DD78-48DA-9410-42A58BE6B63</a>
0}&amp;amp;CollectionId={8041B1F6-6ECB-43E8-AB1A-F345F7F2DFCE> }


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