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Re: GSBN:Danish BY og BYG Resultater 033

Bohdan -

No translation for the Danish documents that I'm aware of.  Try sending an
e-mail to Jorgen Munch-Ansdersen (jma@sbi.dk).  It does have many graphs,
numbers, drawings, photos, that need no translation.  I'm not sure if
attachments are going through, so the here's the download address for
Jorgen's condensed slide presentation in English:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sbi.dk/download/pdf/jma_slides_halmhuse.pdf";>http://www.sbi.dk/download/pdf/jma_slides_halmhuse.pdf</a>

And the address again for the full document BY og BYG Resultater 033:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sbi.dk/showfile.aspx?IdGuid={B639A92E-DD78-48DA-9410-42A58BE6B630";>http://www.sbi.dk/showfile.aspx?IdGuid={B639A92E-DD78-48DA-9410-42A58BE6B630</a>

(I mistakenly sent it in duplicate last time)

On a tangent note, I'm happy Dirk Scharmer is chiming in about his work in
Germany.  I didn't mean to minimize its relevance in my previous e-mail.
The imminent German code and the supporting testing is good work, and lays a
good foundation for future steps.  (Thanks Dirk)


> Hi Martin
> Its looks like a great document
> but translation?????
> Bohdan