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GSBN:Welcome Duncan

Duncan Lithgow has been added to the GSBN list.

Welcome Duncan!  I'll send you some background info shortly.

At 12:58 PM +0100 2/15/06, Duncan Lithgow wrote:

I'm Duncan Lithgow, I was at ISBBC in Denmark and am doing documentation
work around Straw Bale Construction, specifically something which grew
out of the ISBBC CD: <a  target="_blank" href="http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/isbbc";>http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/isbbc</a>

I would like to join discussion of what the best way is to organise
resources so people can find them easily when they are new in this world
of sb building.

Cheers, Duncan
( Dirk if you're a moderator maybe you can let me join this list. )

Bill Christensen
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