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Re: GSBN:Membership requests

G 'day Bill and the GSBN Mob

Andrew should be on the list as he has a wealth of knowledge on earth and
straw buildings.  Andrew also built the AUSBALE web site and without the web
site the demise of AUSBALE would have taken place for sure.

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.ausbale.org";>http://www.ausbale.org</a>

Andrew is an avid supporter of straw bale building and I would have much
pleasure in nominating him to the GSBN list.  Anyhow it would be great to
have another Aussie on GSBN even if he is an architect type chap.

Any seconders?

On 2/17/06, billc_lists@...billc_lists@...
> Hi folks,
> I received two out-of-the-blue requests for membership in this
> esteemed list today.  Anyone want to weigh in?  (offlist is fine).
> From: Andrew Webb Architect design@...
> I am an architect and Secretary of the Australian Straw Bale Building
> Association (www.ausbale.org) and would like to join the list, thanks.
> Andrew Webb

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf.

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