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RE: GSBN:Membership requests

We absolutely second Andrew Webb's nomination to the GSBN, had the
pleasure to work with him and appreciate his hard work for the AUSBALE
site and advancement of strawbale construction overall.
Welcome Andrew!!, hope to hear from you through GSBN and any other
related medium.
Regards, Frank & Ingrid

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Hi folks,

I received two out-of-the-blue requests for membership in this
esteemed list today.  Anyone want to weigh in?  (offlist is fine).

From: Andrew Webb Architect design@...

I am an architect and Secretary of the Australian Straw Bale Building
Association (www.ausbale.org) and would like to join the list, thanks.

Andrew Webb


From: "Ecosa Institute" ecosanetwork@...
To: GSBN@...

(I suspect they think that this is an open list, as there was nothing
but a "subscribe" command.)

Bill Christensen
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