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Re: GSBN:Welcome Duncan

Can we hold on this one?


on 2.15.2006 12:40 PM, billc_lists@...

> Duncan Lithgow has been added to the GSBN list.
> Welcome Duncan!  I'll send you some background info shortly.
> At 12:58 PM +0100 2/15/06, Duncan Lithgow wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm Duncan Lithgow, I was at ISBBC in Denmark and am doing documentation
>> work around Straw Bale Construction, specifically something which grew
>> out of the ISBBC CD: <a  target="_blank" href="http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/isbbc";>http://lithgow-schmidt.dk/isbbc</a>
>> I would like to join discussion of what the best way is to organise
>> resources so people can find them easily when they are new in this world
>> of sb building.
>> Cheers, Duncan
>> ( Dirk if you're a moderator maybe you can let me join this list. )
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