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GSBN:Re: Confusion about GSBN

Since this email is partly about the purpose of the GSBN list, I've also
sent it there.

On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 08:48 -0600, Joyce Coppinger wrote:
> Duncan,
> I think there may be some confusion about your email wanting to join the
> discussion of what the best way is to organise resources so people can find
> them easily when they are new in this world of sb building.
> I don't know what list your message was posted to but Dirk is not the
> moderator of the GSBN. Bill Christensen is moderator and the list is an
> invitation-only forum of key individuals and representatives of regional
> straw construction organizations.
Yes, I know. The email and was sent to Bill and copied to Dirk. Some
people from the list wanted me to translate some Danish test results,
Dirk contacted me, so I emailed Bill and copied it to Dirk.

> The costs of operating this list are
> underwritten by The Last Straw Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as an
> advisory board and technical editing arm. The discussions are usually
> centered on technologies and technical aspects of straw-bale building. See
> full description below. It is not intended to be an all inclusive group but
> more focused on discuss of ideas that could represent significant changes in
> best practices before disseminating them as a thoroughly considered
> presentation in more widely attended and - without wanting to sound
> demeaning - typically less knowledgeable forums.
I know, I've read the stuff Bill sent me. Is there a problem with me
being on the list?

> What specifically are you trying to accomplish and how can we work together
> to accomplish our mutual goals?
I stared answering this part of your email but changed my mind. I'm
instead putting some time into writing a 'vision statement' for the CD -
when it's roughly finished I'll let you know.