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Re: GSBN:European SB Code (was Translation of the By og Byg ...)

Dear Andre, dear all,

coming back from the building site during the week its lovely to read fresh
food and reflections on codes in France and Europe.

I would go for Europe directly. This however needs a proper funding and an
international working groep which is also partly funded by that budget.

If Robert Wimmer, Dirk Scharmer, Andre (or someone with a specialised
background), someone from Denmark, Netherlands (Rene?), Belgium (Herwig van
Zoom?), the UK would join it could be rather succesful.

For funding it is indeed helpful to talk with people who did similar funding
and to talk with your information office of the EU in your capital city.
They do know everything about updated funding possiblities.

It will be a timeconsuming, but interesting quest and like Martin Hammer put
it, there are many facets which need to be in balance, rather a birth...

Normally you need to get some business involved for co-financing, but we
don't have financial succesful sb companies around yet. On the other hand if
each country could attract some funding from a greenminded organisation,
this would be excellent. Arguments to have sb-techniques implemented on a
large scale are meeting those of reducing CO2 reduction.

If we calculate the CO2 reduction a strawbale house provides for building
and more for longterm use, we have great tools to meet an energy crises for
housing. Our house in Plozevet with strawbale insulation on the roof rarely
needs energy (a maximum of 3 hours a day of heating with a woodstove is
enough during wintertime). We dropped our plans to branch floor heating. Its
not necessary....

Well so if Europe would support the use of straw as building material (there
is enough) it would be excellent.

Techniques: we have techniques for wet and dry climates, loadbaring and non
loadbearing. Its quite a job to boil this down into professional manuals for
small enterprises. But its possible. And it needs funding to work it out.

Yeah Andre: go for it!

Best wishes, Martin