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Re: GSBN:List of Members

At 2:33 PM -0600 2/17/06, Joyce Coppinger wrote:
As a reminder of the GSBN member list, and because I have been wanting to do
this for some time, I created a spreadsheet of current members (see
attached). The document is currently sorted by country, state, and name
(first name as I didn't take the time to separate first and last).

Hope it will be helpful to everyone on the list.

Due to problems that were going around with email viruses in
attachments, this list strips off any attachments.  (there's a
"stripmime" message at the end of any post which had an attachment,
telling you what was removed and what was kept, should you be

If you'd like to offer a file to the group, please put it on the web
somewhere and tell people where to get it, or ask them to email you
offlist with a request for the file.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but it's better than spreading viruses!

Bill Christensen
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