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Re: GSBN:Re: Confusion about GSBN

Testing, codes, and planning...

I'm hoping that most of you reading about all these testing, codes
and global organizing issues are planning on coming to the ISBBC in
September. A whole stream of programing has been planned to address
these kinds of issues, and there are already commitments from lots of
the key players to be at the ISBBC. I know that lots can be
accomplished via lists and email, but I also think there's nothing
like spending focused time together to establish a kind of long-term
plan and network.

I am truly hoping that out of the ISBBC can come something along the
lines of a "five year plan" that involves all of us who spend our
time testing, codifying and strategizing toward the goal of
incorporating straw bale into the greater building world. Don't want
to sound like a pitch-man, but the conference is affordable ($500
Canadian) and a great place to coherently set to work on a plan that
makes the best use of all the great brains (and some great bodies!)
involved in SB.