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Re: GSBN:Straw Bale and Plumbing


Our experience has been to use sleeves, however, I do not see anything
out of the ordinary by removing this requirement from the Guidelines.
The regular codes do not have this type of requirement for wood.  There
is usually localized damage in highly plumbed areas from both pipes and
humidity.  Over a long period of time, I think the level of damage would
be comparable.  There is already a level of expected minor localized
degredation within a wood wall over periods of years, in certain
locations more than others.

This type of regulation seems to be more along the lines of how much
minor risk do all of us take as homeowners, bale walls or not.  I would
rather leave this to each owner, as is the case in the codes for other
types of celullose-based wall structures.  There is nothing stopping
anyone building a wood structure from doing the same thing to mitigate
the same type of damage from such an event.  I don't think we need it

This is a great detail for inclusion in many straw bale construction
books as "best-practice."  It makes sense for it to be part of the
greater conciousness of bale construction, but not codified.

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