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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

Joyce emailed me to ask a similar question as we both were targets of his earlier SB website promotion, Trevor started his SB
website <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbale.co.uk/";>http://www.strawbale.co.uk/</a> some time back (I get people saying they found it searching for my website url) and he stated
that he was going to do a strawbale newsletter for UK, as far as I know it has never appeared, another guy started a similar
international forum for anyone interested in SB awhile back but he pulled it after a few months due to lack of interest, and it
appears that Trevor's forum it is for all sbers not just experts.
I sent Trevor a reply saying basically what Wolfie said below, I'm busy, I can hardly keep up with the many existing lists/groups,
and that another attempt at an international forum failed recently, but wished him all the best with it.

I'll finish with Joyce's last reply

"I guess I'll withhold comment or judgement about this until some time has passed. My initial reaction is that he's just adding
another layer to the many sites that are cluttering the Internet. We'll see."

bale on
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/";>http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/</a>
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G ' balers

This is the second email thatI have received from this chap Trevor.  Has
anyone else received the same message and if so what do you think?

I am very busy these days with Rotary and earning my daily crust and find it
hard enough to keep up with GSBN, the European SB list and SB r-us.

Do we need another list of so called experts?

I prefer this list out of them all as it offers a much better forum to share
our ideas an dhelp woudl be balers.  Unlike some balers in the word we do
not hide any secrets as suggested by the writer, if there are any
secrets that is.  I have always tried to walk the talk via my web site.

I know that my web site needs up dating especially the rendering section but
I will do that one day soon.  Also my preferred method of wall building now
is 100% hybrid a la Steen method on Poem's house.  I will share that with
you all via my web site also and with an article in the Australian

I also do not mind shariing the failures which have been far and few between
but we have made mistakes.

Anyhow here is the email let me know what you think.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.glassford.com.au";>http://www.glassford.com.au</a>
61 2 6927 6027

Join me in Africa next June eh?????

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Subject: SB forum, clarification.
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Re: www.strawbaleforum.com/forum

Since emailing you (and several other Straw Bale experts) a couple of days
ago with an invitation to participate in this SB forum I have had several
questions. As such I have written an introduction to the site for all

To avoid any confusion and hopefully answer some of your questions I am
attaching a copy below.


Trevor Cryer

"There are an increasing number of Straw bale experts out there and I have
no doubt there will be more to come. Most have their own Books, DVDs, Paid
Newsletter, workshops etc that they run, usually on a commercial basis and
rightly so!

However this commercialisation of Straw Bale Building (albeit a limited one)
has led to a fragmentation of the industry with each expert maintaining
their own ideals and marketing interests.

As a fellow Straw Bale enthusiast (I'm not an expert in any way) I looked
around the net for a central place that all or most experts congregated and
from where I could get the best and most comprehensive guidance and advice.
However there wasn't one. As such I thought I would do it myself and
consequently started this forum.

The forum's purpose is to bring together Straw Bale experts form all around
the world and act as kind of United Nations of Straw Bale Construction. The
forum will then play the role of an ongoing symposium with ideas, theories
and techniques being discussed debated and tested.

Each expert is allowed to subtly plug their own wears whilst contribution to
the forum. They may do this via their bios posted in "The Experts" Forum and
in their message signatures.

My hope is that by making things easier for people to understand Straw Bale
Building more people will be encouraged to take a more natural approach to
their Homes. As such this collaboration will not only make things easier for
everyone but promote Straw Bale Construction in general.

Whilst the forum is primarily about Straw Bale Building, we do have a forum
for complimentary natural building idea such as rammed earth, cob and
cordwood etc."

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