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RE: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

While I agree with the sentiments expressed that we all have enough to do,
and enough places to share our knowledge with each other, I think that some
of Trevor's outreach message should not be ignored.  He said, in part:
"As a fellow Straw Bale enthusiast (I'm not an expert in any way) I looked
around the net for a central place that all or most experts congregated and
from where I could get the best and most comprehensive guidance and advice.
However there wasn't one. As such I thought I would do it myself and
consequently started this forum."
I know and appreciate the philosophy behind the "restricted" membership of
this list, but Trevor's search for a place where he could get "the best and
most comprehensive advice" from experts could not get him into this
discussion.  It makes me wonder if we are doing enough to get the collected
wisom of our discussions out to the "next generation."  Bill, is there a way
that those not on this discussion list can access, say, archives of the
discussions, sortable by topic?  If so, I apologize for this unedcated waste
of everyone's time.  But, if not, then can we do that fairly simply?
...without piling another burden upon the volunteers (e.g., mostly you)?

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At 11:39 PM +0000 2/24/06, Chug. wrote:
>Joyce emailed me to ask a similar question as we both were targets of
>his earlier SB website promotion, Trevor started his SB website
><a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbale.co.uk/";>http://www.strawbale.co.uk/</a> some time back (I get people saying they
>found it searching for my website url) and he stated that he was going
>to do a strawbale newsletter for UK, as far as I know it has never
>appeared, another guy started a similar international forum for anyone
>interested in SB awhile back but he pulled it after a few months due to
>lack of interest, and it appears that Trevor's forum it is for all
>sbers not just experts.
>I sent Trevor a reply saying basically what Wolfie said below, I'm
>busy, I can hardly keep up with the many existing lists/groups, and
>that another attempt at an international forum failed recently, but
>wished him all the best with it.
>I'll finish with Joyce's last reply
>"I guess I'll withhold comment or judgement about this until some time
>has passed. My initial reaction is that he's just adding another layer
>to the many sites that are cluttering the Internet. We'll see."

I also got several emails from him (through at least two of my email
addresses) about the forum.  I hadn't had time to go check it out.

It may be an idea that never happens, since a fair number of other such
forums already exist.  Or it might take off.  I suspect that Trevor recently
got jazzed about SB and decided to put together this resource without first
looking around to see if such an animal already exists. If we didn't already
have the GSBN, a handful of general lists and a growing number of local-area
lists it would be an excellent idea, and i'd be all for it.

Unless it has an email component or is likely to have had discussion threads
which I can search for very specific information (as I do with some software
that I use) I have very little use for web forums.
I've got enough things going that the convenience of having mail delivered
to my inbox is much more likely to get my attention than having to go to
some website and log in, no matter how effortless that process is. That
little bit of extra effort is enough that I just don't go there often, if

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