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RE: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 11:12 -0800, Nehemiah Stone wrote:
I wasn't 'invited' to be on this list, but I'm here so I'll comment...
and this email has nothing to do with Straw Bale and everything to do
with its future.
> All,
> While I agree with the sentiments expressed that we all have enough to do,
> and enough places to share our knowledge with each other, I think that some
> of Trevor's outreach message should not be ignored.  He said, in part:
> "As a fellow Straw Bale enthusiast (I'm not an expert in any way) I looked
> around the net for a central place that all or most experts congregated and
> from where I could get the best and most comprehensive guidance and advice.
> However there wasn't one. As such I thought I would do it myself and
> consequently started this forum."
I'm no expert on Straw Bale but I know a bit about the internet, email
lists and search engines. I'll say this: finding authoritative,
comprehensive resources is near impossible. (but hey, we are talking
about building a whole house here) Some very good resources are hard to
find, and when they are found some of the websites are, err, how do I
say this, 'homemade' and lack important features, like a useful search
function. Don't get me wrong, many are good sites but navigation,
usability, functions and the actual HTML are not ideal. So sometimes
even when the site is found, the most useful content can't be found.
This is not a criticism of those who run their own sites, on their own
time and money - it's a function of how easy it is to make a website
that basically works.

There must be literally hundreds of good sites (good in terms of
resources) with good articles which new bailers just never come across.
I spoke to a few people at ISBBC 2004 about this and suggested some
technical solutions which, in hindsight, were too technical for the
people I spoke with (it involved re-designing website code to use Dublin
core meta tags, making our own shared set of keywords and having an RSS
based 'aggregation' site to collect topic-tagged articles as they were
published. If that means anything to you let me know.)

As this list is not publicly archived I thinks it's right that I ask if
I can pass on to Trevor the general comments made here about the forum?

Duncan Lithgow duncan@...

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