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RE: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

Unlike the "expert" content of the list discussions, where we have something
of real vlaue to share, I am not real comfortable with the idea of sharing
our "process" discussions.  We had this debate once before.  I line up with
those who think that sharing the whole of the disucssions (particularly
about who should be on the list and whether we should share all the
discussions with someone not on the list) would have a chilling effect on
the list's candor.
Just my $0.02.

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G 'day Duncan

You make some valid points especially about ownership of the list contents.
Maybe we should have this discussion on all the lists?  I see no problem in
passing on the discussion here to Trevor concerning his request to create
another list.

However this list is supposed to be a closed list and by invitation only so
I can only speak for my posts and they can be used by anyone, anywhere at
anytime as far as I am concerned as being the author of my own posts I
should be able to do what I like with them?

What say the rest of the GSBN mob?

Kind regards
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