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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.


You are making a lot of sense here. especially the bit on RSS
aggregation. What it does need though is someone or even a group of
people (like GSBN) doing some judiciuos editing.

I have always thought that the email lists contain a lot of very useful
information that in many cases gets lost because it is very hard for
the novice to distill state of the art SB information out of the flood.
The free for all email discussions are so valuable because they are a
form of peer review. These discussions though are very confusing for
the novice because it is very difficult to place the discussions into

In the beginning I used to save bits of emails and digests with what I
found very useful information. Due to many changes in e-mail programs
since then I have stopped doing this. I think if a few people simply
flagged these gems as they come and placed them in a central resource,
given the right tags or a good search engine, would make this a very
good resource.

Put otherwise my current insight into SB is based 60-70% email
discussions (I am not on sb-r-us) the rest is own experience,
workshops, TLS and books.

Sifting through worthless bits of mud in the reclaimed swamp at the
mouth of the Rhine

Rene Dalmeijer
On Feb 25, 2006, at 21:50, Duncan Lithgow wrote:

There must be literally hundreds of good sites (good in terms of
resources) with good articles which new bailers just never come across.
I spoke to a few people at ISBBC 2004 about this and suggested some
technical solutions which, in hindsight, were too technical for the
people I spoke with (it involved re-designing website code to use
core meta tags, making our own shared set of keywords and having an RSS
based 'aggregation' site to collect topic-tagged articles as they were
published. If that means anything to you let me know.)