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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

Hi Andre

your memory is almost correct, it was started after the Euro gathering at the Redfield Community in 2000 by Simon Blackbourn
originally on the Dutch Squat net server before Jenik started hosting it on amper.ped.muni.cz server
I remember it well as it was my first SB gathering and a huge inspiration to me, and I seem to remember you recording much of it?

bale on
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As for the European SB list: If my memory serves my right, it was started (after
the Redfield gathering in 2001) for European SB networking. Other lists were
suggested for technical discussions and testing/building codes (but never
really took off).

I suggest that the European lists comes back to European SB networking and that
the SB-R-us lists handles the technical stuff. But how to achieve this?