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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

G 'day GSBN List

The discussion is at least taking place re the lists and the number of lists
on straw bale building etc.

However my main argument is that the performance of the lists and their
ability to distribute information is what I was on about.

The adage that a picture tells a 1000 words is never more true than in this
industry where I earn 100% of my income and not only that I get 100% of my
income via the Internet and my web site.

What I am saying is that all the lists including this one do not have the
variety and flexibility of the Yahoo lists.  Especially for ham fisted
computer operators such as myself.

If we are fair dinkum about sharing our knowledge then it should be for
everyone interested in straw bale building new novices especially as well as
old hands.

We are still a drop in the ocean numbers wise in the building industry and I
for one would like to see ONE list encompassing everyone around the world so
called experts and new enquiries.  The SB r-us list has that ability to get
the information out there with the best of facilities.

Got to go.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
Huff 'n' Puff Constructions
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