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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.


I agree with the Straw Wolf, one SB general public list for all kind of SB
stuff: SB-R-US!

If it is impossible to keep the European Straw Bale Network (ESBN) list to the
subject of European SB networking than I'm for taking it out of the air and
suggesting its members to migrate to SB-R-US. But I'm not an active member on
the ESBN list and so don't feel like trying going on that list to pull its plug.
If anyone on this lists IS an active member on the ESBN list and shares my
opinion ...

(With our 5 month baby girl, a 3 year old son I don't even find the time to read
the digests of SB-R-US or ESBN.)

Bale on,


PS yes Chug, I did film a big part of the Redfield event but don't think the
quality is worth getting it out.