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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.


Forgot to mention the obvious: Yes, the GSBN should continue!
And I second David's suggestion in creating ? 'portal'.

Bale me up Scotty


Selon André de Bouter forum@...:

> Hi,
> I agree with the Straw Wolf, one SB general public list for all kind of SB
> stuff: SB-R-US!
> If it is impossible to keep the European Straw Bale Network (ESBN) list to
> the
> subject of European SB networking than I'm for taking it out of the air and
> suggesting its members to migrate to SB-R-US. But I'm not an active member on
> the ESBN list and so don't feel like trying going on that list to pull its
> plug.
> If anyone on this lists IS an active member on the ESBN list and shares my
> opinion ...
> (With our 5 month baby girl, a 3 year old son I don't even find the time to
> read
> the digests of SB-R-US or ESBN.)
> Bale on,
> Andr?
> PS yes Chug, I did film a big part of the Redfield event but don't think the
> quality is worth getting it out.
> ----
> GSBN is an invitation-only forum of key individuals and representatives of
> regional straw construction organizations. The costs of operating this list
> are underwritten by The Last Straw Journal in exchange for use of the GSBN as
> an advisory board and technical editing arm.
> For instructions on joining, leaving, or otherwise using the GSBN list, send
> email to GSBN@...HELP in the SUBJECT line.
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