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Re: GSBN:Fwd: NEW SB forum, clarification.

Hi everyone,
I've been reading and pondering all the entries into this discussion, and
seeing the merit in differing points of view...and remaining unclear how to think
about all of of this.
However, when I read David Eisenberg's entry (below) I felt he said it all
for me (now why does this keep happening, David?!).  I vote for keeping the GSBN
what it has always been AND finding a way to allow everyone to access good
information about straw-bale...let's not get caught up in either/or when, with a
little imagination and expertise (which I definitely do NOT have...expertise
, that is) we can accomplish both purposes.
It's always sooo good to hear from all of you out there, and inspiring and
hopeful to know you are active and caring about the straw-bale revival.
Matts and I send fond greetings

> Hi all,
> I've been reading this discussion with great interest, but I keep
> thinking back to the origin of this list - which was to have a place
> for connecting the people who are working regionally, nationally, or
> internationally at a technical and/or professional level, to network,
> explore, develop, share/disseminate high quality information without
> the distraction of the constant newbie questions or the huge challenge
> of sorting through the high noise-to-signal-ratio in high volume public
> listserves.
> I got off the other sb lists because I simply haven't had the time for
> many years to even skim these lists, much less read them. I realize
> that my focus is much larger than just straw bale, as it is for many
> others on this list, but in my view, there is a huge difference in the
> percentage of posts to this list that are of both interest and use to
> me than any of the other lists I was on after the first several years
> when we were all pretty much beginners.
> I have tremendous appreciation for the beginner's mind - the ability to
> ask the most essential questions not blinded by expertise... and
> equally, of the importance of sharing what comes out of this list that
> would be valuable to anyone working in this field. But I am very
> concerned that if we just migrate to a single public list, the value
> that is inherent in the type of exchanges that take place here would be
> lost in the deluge of postings that are not on point and that have been
> rehashed a thousands times already. This is not an elitist rant - I
> just can't read or wade through those same twenty or thirty questions
> anymore unless I'm teaching a workshop or expressly engaged with people
> just finding out about sb. I hope this list will remain what it has
> been - the highest level of sharing and exploring information,
> experience, research, technique, and leadership among the most
> knowledgeable and experienced people in this arena.
> I loved the idea of making the archives available to the public, and it
> was great when Joyce published some of the moisture discussion a while
> back in The Last Straw. A regular feature along those lines might be a
> great thing. But I just have too much on my plate to wade through what
> makes up the vast majority of the posts to the public forums.
> It probably isn't appropriate for me to comment on what people on lists
> that I don't subscribe to should do, but it probably would be good to
> have a single global open list as long as it wouldn't just be
> overwhelmed (or overwhelming) by the sheer volume of postings. What
> would be ideal, in my opinion, is that those of you who are on the
> other lists, when something comes up that should be of interest to
> everyone on this list, you would report it here. And when there are
> relevant things here to discussions there, that they be shared or that
> people are pointed to the relevant archives of this list.
> One last thought is that if someone were interested in managing it,
> perhaps we could have a portal for people to pose questions or provide
> specific information that we might want to know about in this group to
> this list, making it as clear as possible that we won't necessarily
> respond and that the questions need to be about topics not already
> covered in the archives of this or other lists...just a thought.
> I want to say what a source of inspiration and information this list
> is. The quality of the discourse here is what keeps me involved, while
> sb represents perhaps ten percent or what I am involved with these
> days. I hope we don't lose or dilute this...maybe we should figure out
> how to bottle it...
> David Eisenberg

Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman
Out On Bale
1037 E. Linden St.
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Each of us can and must champion the evolutionary breakthroughs necessary to
sustain all life.  The journey of a champion is difficult, AND our access to a
joyful life.
Judy Knox

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