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GSBN:List talk about Lists

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Cheeze Whiz almighty on a stick!

A bazillion messages about a new SB forum that has yet to attract any
participants and another gazillion messages about loading up the GSBN with
even yet MORE Californians... but the message from  Laura Bartels
  re: Loadbearing sb with moisture damage
attracts nary a word in response ?

What's wrong with this picture ? [ Looking furiously for the adjustment
knob ]

Me ?

I think that no new members from California should be admitted unless they
own a tuque and know how to make love in a canoe.

It appears that people on this list are tending towards using the SB-r-us
list as a means of intercourse between this "exclusive" list of
professionals and the general SB lay public.

I like the idea of the intercourse (as I've mentioned in the past there
should be), but I think that we owe a nod to the CREST/REPP list since
that is probably where many of us first made contact with the global SB

The SB-r-us list was not created not as a replacement for the CREST/REPP
list, but merely as a back-up and a complement to that list, to provide
the file-sharing capabilities that the CREST/REPP list cannot offer.

The SB-r-us list is also a bit more tolerant of off-topic discussions
since it describes itself as being the "Strawbale Social Club", so there
tends to be less "noise" on the REPP list and Dion is fairly diligent
about keeping discussion on-topic .

So, for those who can't be bothered to take the time to sift through the
messages to find the odd topic that may be of interest to them, I would
suggest subscribing to the REPP SB list rather than the SB-r-us list if
you, like Wild Bill-bob, prefer the email option as opposed to having to
log into a website in order to skim the archives. I would hate to see the
list die off or fade away .

If you think that you may want to utilise the file-sharing capabilities of
SB-r-us but don't want the mailbox clutter then I would suggest that you
subscribe to SB-r-us but opt for the "NO EMAIL" mode of mail delivery and
read messages from the website if so inclined.  This option will of
course, also allow you to post messages to SB-r-us if you deign to share
your thoughts with the general public as well as this list.

And for those of you who may not be aware, Yahoogroups truncates all
edresses to the format:
so that you need not be overly concerned about your edress getting into
the hands of people that you may not want it getting into, if that's a
concern, if you are contemplating subscribing to SB-r-us.

Ideally, we would all just speak to each other on the CREST/REPP list but
I know that's not going to happen so to make the public/professional
intercourse happen, it looks like members of this list will need to
subscribe to three or possibly four SB lists:

(1) Your local regional list (ie CASBA, Euro SB or AUS SB)

(2) GSBN

(3) CREST/REPP (either opting for DIGEST mode of delivery
    or NO EMAIL mode and reading messages from the archives

(4) SB-r-Us  opting for the NO EMAIL option, if you want to ulitise
file-sharing capability.
    ( I use the NO EMAIL option for both the REPP List and the SB-r-Us

And hopefully, that will be the last time you hear me talking about lists
on this list.

=== * ===
Rob (a knob much of the time)Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
<ArchiLogic at chaffyahoo dot ca>
(winnow the chaff  from my edress in your reply)

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