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GSBN:SB in Sweden and a long PS

Hi all,

Can someone please help with contact(s) for strawbale builder(s) in
Sweden, had an inquiry from a German lady moving to Sweden with interest
in building (having built) a strawbale home over there.

Thank you kindly, Frank & Ingrid

PS: Have followed the discussion of new SB forum, clarification, over
the last few days. Not sure what to say to it though, a lot of good
suggestions and ideas, including the monthly announcement mail,
but......, we feel there are enough lists at present for everyone to
choose from and make a decision what info is important and to what level
they like to be involved. These days we very rarely post to any of the
lists only because of the extra time needed to do this which we don't
seem to find between a busy family life (two little ones) and a very
busy work schedule. We just manage to answer the many daily inquiries,
re: strawbale construction, COSTS involved, technical help, workshop
interest, work experience, etc etc, directly send to us. Cannot see how
to squeeze in any more time in front of the computer in-between the
nappies (diapers), good luck Andre.

Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction
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