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GSBN:Turkish contacts

At the ISBBC 04 architecture student and future SB builder Arda Sander from
Istanbul participated.
Arda has told me that he knows of one person only (a female architect)
involved with SB in Turkey.
If anyone has contacts to be passed on, then I'd love for Arda to have them,
either via mia or directly to:
"Arda Sander" ardasander@...

Best regards
Lars Keller

Fra 8.november 2005 og indtil 10.november naeste aar 2006 er Jo, Asger og
i Australien. I den periode kan jeg traeffes via email eller den australske

>From November 8th 2005 and untill November 10 next year 2006, Jo Asger and I
will be in Australia. During this period you can contact me via either email
or the Australian snailmail address.

Lars Keller


Lars Keller
5 Crouch St Nth
Mt Gambier
SA 5290

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