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Re: GSBN:PROPOSAL: electronic bulletin

Hi Duncan

I'm going with the flow and saying yes.

bale on
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/";>http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/</a>
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Subject: GSBN:PROPOSAL: electronic bulletin

I'm making this look a bit formal as I want to gauge peoples real
opinion on it. Please say yes or no if you have an opinion, I'd rather
people say 'no' if they can't see the point of it or wouldn't bother
sending things to it. It would save me some time and it's never good
starting something which turns out to be a waste of energy.

== What is it? ==
An email sent out once a month (fortnight/week depending on interest and
volume). The email contains whatever supporters would like other SB'ers
to know about.

== Why do it? ==
Not everyone wants to spend ages reading discussions on several lists,
but some of them would still quite like to know what is going on in SB

The other reason is that much can be gained from some overarching
projects. The Last Straw is the main journal of the SB world, this would
be like the electronic noticeboard of the SB world.

== How would it work? ==
In short:
1. anyone, subscribed or not, sends their notices to the list.
2. once a month the editor(s) forms the notices into one email and this
is sent out to anyone subscribed.

Technically it would be an email list, functionally it is a one way
announcement list sent out to anyone who is subscribed to the list.
There would be no discussions on the list (except between editors). The
editor(s) would clean up what they've been sent and send it out as a
bulletin. Anyone especially interested in what is being sent to the
editors for 'consideration' (almost everything would go through) could
take a look at the public archive of 'submissions'.

== When does this happen? ==
I suggest this list give it a yes/no by the 14th March. If the answer is
yes, we ask for comment from all the lists we know of, and I'll take it
from there.


== An example of this electronic bulletin thing ==
If you have something you'd like included send a short summary, a title
and link to: sb-announcements@...

Editors note: We would really love to hear more about xyz type projects,
please let us know.

On the March noticeboard:
1. Technical Issues
2. Learning Resources
3. What's on Worldwide

= 1. Technical issues =
== New German moisture report ==
The good people at the german sb association tell us that they have just
finished a report called 'What about spilt beer?' looking at the impact
of drunken parties on the health of Straw Bale walls.
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://munich-beer-festival/archive/straw-bale-parties.html";>http://munich-beer-festival/archive/straw-bale-parties.html</a>>

== My house burn down! ==
"Sadly my unfinished house has burnt down as it was left unplastered. I,
Paul the Pyromaniachs describe in this article how the fire took hold
and how to avoid it happening to you."
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://pyro-paul/my-house-is-gone.pdf";>http://pyro-paul/my-house-is-gone.pdf</a>>

= 2. Learning Resources =
== The Last Straw ==
"TLS is happy to announce that the CD of back issues is finished. If
you've ordered one you should get it soon. If you don't know what this
is about then come and visit the website."
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://tls.com/resources/backcatalogue-on-cd.html";>http://tls.com/resources/backcatalogue-on-cd.html</a>>

== Wikibook on Straw Bale Construction updated ==
"The wikibook team has just finished revising the section on
foundations. Now we're looking for input on the Roofing Options section.
Check it out and lend a hand."
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://wikibooks.org/Straw_Bale_Construction";>http://wikibooks.org/Straw_Bale_Construction</a>>

= 3. What's on =
== Hands for knowledge site updated ==
"Well another summer is approaching and we've got lots of people looking
for volunteers to help with their houses. Come and see if there's
something you'd like to be part of." (Europe only)
<http:/you get the idea
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