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Re: GSBN:PROPOSAL: electronic bulletin

Yes, thanks.


Selon Duncan Lithgow duncan@...:

> I'm making this look a bit formal as I want to gauge peoples real
> opinion on it. Please say yes or no if you have an opinion, I'd rather
> people say 'no' if they can't see the point of it or wouldn't bother
> sending things to it. It would save me some time and it's never good
> starting something which turns out to be a waste of energy.
> == What is it? ==
> An email sent out once a month (fortnight/week depending on interest and
> volume). The email contains whatever supporters would like other SB'ers
> to know about.
> == Why do it? ==
> Not everyone wants to spend ages reading discussions on several lists,
> but some of them would still quite like to know what is going on in SB
> world.
> The other reason is that much can be gained from some overarching
> projects. The Last Straw is the main journal of the SB world, this would
> be like the electronic noticeboard of the SB world.
> == How would it work? ==
> In short:
> 1. anyone, subscribed or not, sends their notices to the list.
> 2. once a month the editor(s) forms the notices into one email and this
> is sent out to anyone subscribed.
> Technically it would be an email list, functionally it is a one way
> announcement list sent out to anyone who is subscribed to the list.
> There would be no discussions on the list (except between editors). The
> editor(s) would clean up what they've been sent and send it out as a
> bulletin. Anyone especially interested in what is being sent to the
> editors for 'consideration' (almost everything would go through) could
> take a look at the public archive of 'submissions'.
> == When does this happen? ==
> I suggest this list give it a yes/no by the 14th March. If the answer is
> yes, we ask for comment from all the lists we know of, and I'll take it
> from there.
> Duncan
> == An example of this electronic bulletin thing ==
> ---------------------
> If you have something you'd like included send a short summary, a title
> and link to: sb-announcements@...
> Editors note: We would really love to hear more about xyz type projects,
> please let us know.
> On the March noticeboard:
> 1. Technical Issues
> 2. Learning Resources
> 3. What's on Worldwide
> = 1. Technical issues =
> == New German moisture report ==
> The good people at the german sb association tell us that they have just
> finished a report called 'What about spilt beer?' looking at the impact
> of drunken parties on the health of Straw Bale walls.
> <<a  target="_blank" href="http://munich-beer-festival/archive/straw-bale-parties.html";>http://munich-beer-festival/archive/straw-bale-parties.html</a>>
> == My house burn down! ==
> "Sadly my unfinished house has burnt down as it was left unplastered. I,
> Paul the Pyromaniachs describe in this article how the fire took hold
> and how to avoid it happening to you."
> <<a  target="_blank" href="http://pyro-paul/my-house-is-gone.pdf";>http://pyro-paul/my-house-is-gone.pdf</a>>
> = 2. Learning Resources =
> == The Last Straw ==
> "TLS is happy to announce that the CD of back issues is finished. If
> you've ordered one you should get it soon. If you don't know what this
> is about then come and visit the website."
> <<a  target="_blank" href="http://tls.com/resources/backcatalogue-on-cd.html";>http://tls.com/resources/backcatalogue-on-cd.html</a>>
> == Wikibook on Straw Bale Construction updated ==
> "The wikibook team has just finished revising the section on
> foundations. Now we're looking for input on the Roofing Options section.
> Check it out and lend a hand."
> <<a  target="_blank" href="http://wikibooks.org/Straw_Bale_Construction";>http://wikibooks.org/Straw_Bale_Construction</a>>
> = 3. What's on =
> == Hands for knowledge site updated ==
> "Well another summer is approaching and we've got lots of people looking
> for volunteers to help with their houses. Come and see if there's
> something you'd like to be part of." (Europe only)
> <http:/you get the idea
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