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Re: GSBN:Re: FW: straw animal sheds and/or houses

Good insulation is of no use if there is no heat inside the building in
the first place.  In the case of animal sheds that comes from either
body heat or the sun.  Unless you have a reliable local supply of straw
or unlimited resources, which I doubt, I would spend limited money and
energy on getting solar collectors - plastic or, ideally, glass to the
region and build in earth.  The animals won't have any body heat if they
don't have food, so instead of transporting in straw, fill the trucks
with hay.  Use the topography to your advantage and dig animal sheds
into the sides of hills so you need few walls.

Straw would be great to have there but the logistical issues need to be
looked at seriously.  I hope it is feasible but I have my doubts.
Baling is another major hurdle there and Greg Zaller has a protoype
hand-baling press I believe.  Don't discount local knowledge - there are
most likely very good reasons why they build the way they do.  Better to
build on that rather than subvert it.

Another cheap and easy method to consider if they have sufficient willow
trees is wattle and daub.  I built chicken coops this way in the
neighbouring Kargil district which were successful by all accounts; the
key is the heat source.

- Andrew

Kelly Lerner wrote:

Hi Tim,
Straw-bale is a great building material for housing both animals and
people. Load-bearing walls can be constructed of straw bales or of
straw-rich adobe type blocks (if that is closer to the vernacular
tradition). Straw bale walls must be covered with a plaster (a clay earth
will do) to protect it from animals.  I know one builder who is actually
planning on a straw-bale project in Pakistan - Greg Zaller
gregzaller@.... I believe he will be there in April. It
like it would be good for you'all to connect. Good luck.


From: Tim Tim.Vaessen@...
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 15:29:16 +0430
To: thelaststraw@...
Subject: straw animal sheds and/or houses

Hi there,

Just a wild shot, but I am looking for somebody who could give me some
general idea about the possibility of cheap, easy to build sheds for
animals in the earthquake zone of Pakistan. Traditionally many farmers
make sheds of thick walls and roofs of clay to keep the cold out in
What would be the possibility of constructing easily, quickly and
well isolated animal sheds of straw or other natural resources? And
we are at it, what about houses for the farmers themselves?
One issue is ofcourse that we would not want the animals to eat the

Could you connect me with somebody?
Kind regards

Tim Vaessen, Sr. Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator
FAO Pakistan/Afghanistan;Tel.PAK:92(0)300 501 5527; AFG:93(0)70 285266

Kelly Lerner, Architect
One World Design
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.one-world-design.com";>http://www.one-world-design.com</a>

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