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Re: GSBN:Loadbearing sb with moisture damage

The idea of making a buck like a picture frame, flat, is
intersting.  What
happens on the inside?  What do you attach lath to?  Does your
membrane stop at the front face? How do you insulate next to the jamb?

John "Say What?" Swearingen

Well, without committing myself, I'll say that there are lots of
options when it comes to the inside.  I say that because after having
shown/taught this method to a lot of folks over the past several
years, we've seen a variety of approaches.  For example, the most
different method I've seen is one guy who framed out a bevel from the
edge of the window back to the bales and filled the cavity with
insulation.  That's not me, but thought I oughta mention it.  Others
have attached rigid insulation to the back of the buck and then lath/
plaster over it.  Wood molding, tiles, copper, I guess it's kind of a
what do you have/like affair.  In our mud-happy approach we tend to
just throw on a bunch of our heavy straw and clay plaster, shaping it
in a variety of ways that includes beveling, curving, etc.  On the
outside it seems the most sensible to keep the waterproofing/papering
that happens above the sill/pan area limited to the wood buck/
vertical 2xs and not have it extend out over the bales.  If metal
lath is used it can easily extend from the wood framing out to the
straw.  In short, I guess what I'm saying is that there is enough
room to finish, waterproof and/or insulate in a numerous ways.


Athena & Bill Steen
The Canelo Project
HC1 Box 324
Canelo/Elgin, AZ 85611

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