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GSBN:Planning Themes for TLS in 2007

Hello all,

Below is the schedule for Themes and Deadlines for The Last Straw journal
for the remainder of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. If you have articles,
project pages, tech tips, or any items you would like to share, please do
so. The submission guidelines are included on the TLS web site
www.thelaststraw.org (click on Submission Guidelines at the bottom of the
Home page).

After reading through the messages of the load-bearing thread, this might be
a good theme.  Retrofitting would be a good (and possibly difficult to
explain) topic as TLS receives many questions about how to decide if this is
a good solution and, if so, how to do it. Questions about sb greenhouses
come up regularly, too. An issue about education and training is probably
overdue. In many places around the world, straw-bale buildings are sided
with wood and materials other than plasters or stuccos - we might explore
this as a theme. And with the growing number of wineries (in the USA),
there's a growing interest in using straw bales for cold storage. I've added
water and waste management (including handling humidity) to the theme
list...it's something that people need to know more about.

There are lots of new products on the market and we try to share information
about them through the Product Review section of TLS. Let's hear from you
about anything new you're using be it products, materials, tools.

And, please send in those Tech Tips to help owner/builders as well as other
professionals learn about ways in which to make the design and construction
simpler, easier, more efficient, better.

We also like to feature those of you who have completed projects of all
types through the Project Pages section of TLS. There is a form on the web
site within the Submission Guidelines document that will give you an idea of
what we are looking for. We can feature two or three projects with
photographs and descriptive captions on one page, or we do one-page  for one
project with description and photographs. It's an opportunity for you to do
a bit of free marketing!

I would really appreciate your input, insights and ideas about the themes
and future content/topics, so please let me hear from you. Thanks!

Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
The Last Straw journal
GPFS/TLS, PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706 USA
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161

#54/Summer 2006
Commercial & Industrial Buildings of Straw; Codes and Permitting Worldwide
Strawbale is emerging as a choice for all types of commercial and
industrial. And Martin Hammer as gathered information from around the world
to share on codes and permitting for strawbale.
Deadline - March 15
Published - June

#55/Fall 2006
Strawbale Details Details Details...and More Natural Materials and Building
Details on joining walls (interior and exterior), flooring over basement,
box column construction method, and more...plus more natural materials and
Deadline - June 15
Published - September

Resource Guide 2007
Updates and additions of sources and resources
Deadline - September 15 *Note Deadline Date Change
Published - December *Note Publication Date Change

#56/Winter 2006
Ecovillages, Communities and Cohousing
Ecovillages, communities, cohousing built with strawbale and natural
Deadline - September 15
Published - December

#57/Spring 2007
Now and Then - How things have changed in strawbale and natural building
since the early 1990s
Deadline - December 15
Published - March

#58/Summer 2007
Water, Water Everywhere...Handling water and waste management in strawbale
buildings. Drinking water, humidity, waste water, waste management, and
Deadline - March 15
Published - June

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