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GSBN:Additional note about TLS Themes

Hi again,

There is one other thing that I wanted to mention about upcoming themes and
content for TLS. Technical articles about design and construction would be
valuable and welcomed additions to future issues of TLS. Text with drawings
and illustrations describing different design concepts and methods of
construction and the whys of selecting the concept or method for a
particular project.

I think it's important that there also be some note that not all designs
work in all climates or the environments of different sites, and that all
methods of construction aren't required or necessary (i.e., earthquake
design/construction, or local code requirements) - or this might be the
topic of an article.

Would appreciate feedback and input.


Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
The Last Straw journal
GPFS/TLS, PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706 USA
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161