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GSBN:International exchange: Make it clear, short and simple, please!

Moin, moin (in Northern Germany something like 'hello'),
Don't forget: Lot's of people, interested in straw bale building (for
example germans but also french, I've heard ;-) but of course all the people
who had been not only too dronish as me) are not able to understand or write
english well enough to follow the sometimes really complex discussions here.

So, please make it clear, simple and short.

It is to accept: English is the most spoken language, but don`t use to much
(special) words and local phrases to express what you want to.

Can we take this as a kind of 'netiquette' for exchange about straw bale

I'm afraid, that lots of us don't want to sit all the day in front of a
computer. There is a job, children, garden, real life. And I've heard, not
only the english-beginners under the list-members often don't have time
enough to follow here.

And may I ask for this: ISBBC 2006-presenters, please be prepared to speak
pronounced, slow and clear.

The language is the reason for the germans having started an own sb- forum
(www.fasba.de > forum).

If we are not able to follow and to make good contributions on hundreds of
places where straw bale building is discussed, one way could be: Less
places, clear, short and simple and then I don't mind: in english. In this
spirit Duncans electronic bulletin email is a good step.

(Sorry, could have used less words but I've to practice once a week ;-)

What do you think?

Dirk Scharmer

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