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Re: GSBN:RE-nominated member from Spain

Yes Bill.  Sorry about that.  E-mail address follows:


I understand from Rikki that Maren is EXTREMELY busy right now, just barely
responding to Rikki's correspondence, who is her closest colleague.  So if
you don't get through to her immediately, be patient.  Or maybe Rikki could
contact her to explain what your correspondence is about, so she doesn't
simply ignore it.

FYI, but for no particular reason, the way I understand it Maren has lived
in Spain her entire life.  Her mother is Spanish and her father is of German
decent, thus the name Steiner.

Rikki was born in Florida, lived most of her growing years in Rochester, NY,
and attended college in California, living there (here) for 6 years, until
moving to Spain where she has lived for the last 10 years.

I haven't sent this biographical information to anyone else, and don't feel
compelled to or not to, but I thought I would share it with you to give you
a geographical and cultural context for both Rikki and Maren.  Rikki is
fluently bi-lingual, and Maren is very good with English though I wouldn't
quite say fluent.

Thanks for your continued work and monitoring of GSBN.


> Got an email address for Maren?
> At 3:26 PM -0800 3/15/06, Martin Hammer wrote:
>> I second the nomination of Rikki Nitzkin for GSBN membership.  Thank you
>> Catherine for an excellent nomination.
>> I communicated with Rikki Nitzkin while researching the worldwide status of
>> SB codes, and then gave her a strawbale tour of the SF Bay area on her
>> recent visit to California.  Through both experiences I found her to be a
>> knowledgeable, committed, and energetic advocate of strawbale and natural
>> building.  Although she does not consider herself a design or construction
>> "professional", she designed and built (with some help) her own SB house in
>> Spain, has particular interest and ability with plasters, and is a tireless
>> advocate with her finger on the pulse of SB throughout Spain.  She has
>> authored numerous articles in Spanish periodicals, and is beginning to
>> establish connections with and provide help to people in other Spanish
>> speaking countries in South and Central America.  She would well represent a
>> region that is missing from GSBN.
>> It's hard for me to second Rikki's nomination without nominating Maren
>> Termens Steiner.  So . . . I nominate Maren Termens Steiner for membership
>> in the GSBN.  Maren is a Spanish architect in the Catalan region who,
>> through my SB codes research, proved extremely knowledgeable, experienced
>> and capable regarding SB in general and in particular in Spain.  She has
>> significant technical experience and ability.  Maren and Rikki each bring
>> something different to the table.  In Spain they have complementary roles
>> with strawbale, just as they do in the book they are writing together.  I
>> think that complement could extend nicely into the GSBN sphere.  Together
>> they are THE strawbale people in Spain.
>> Please know that I second and nominate these two within an overall measure
>> of restraint.  I don't think GSBN is served well by it becoming too big,
>> whatever that may mean (and yes, there might even be too many Californians
>> on the list), but I think Rikki and Maren would fill in a glaring gap in the
>> current GSBN membership.
>> Martin Hammer
>> California (but originally from New Jersey), USA
>>>  Dear All --
>>>  Many of you met Rikki Nitzkin at the 2004 ISBBC
>>>  in Denmark.  For those that don't know her, she
>>>  from the U.S., but living in Spain.  She is at
>>>  the center of the Spanish strawbale
>>>  network.  They have organized a Spanish language
>>>  list-serve, and are now working on a strawbale book in Spanish.
>>>  I notice that we have no representative from
>>>  Spain -- so I'd like to nominate Rikki for
>>>  membership in the GSBN.  She could be an
>>>  invaluable member, translating and sharing with
>>>  the Spanish-speaking strawbale network.
>>>  Also, I am forwarding a request from her below:
>>> -Catherine Wanek
>>>> From: "Rikki  Nitzkin" rikkinitzkin@...
>>>> To: blackrange@...
>>>> Subject: Send Fotos
>>>> Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 17:12:07 +0100
>>>>  Could you please re-send the following message
>>>>  to the US strawbale listserve (I am not a member)?
>>>>  Hello all,
>>>>  I am currently finishing up a book in Spanish about Strawbale Building.
>>>>  I am interested in including information on
>>>>  ãexternal pinningä techniques-which are poorly
>>>>  represented in most of the SB books.  If anyone
>>>>  has good photos, articles, or advice I would
>>>>  appreciate it if you would send me some!
>>>>  Sincerely,
>>>>  Rikki Nitzkin
>>>>  Aul?s, Lleida (Spain)
>>>>  Spanish Strawbale Network
>>>>  <<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:rikkinitzkin@earthlink.net";>mailto:rikkinitzkin@...>rikkinitzkin@...(Personal)
>>>>  <<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:casasdepaja@yahoo.es";>mailto:casasdepaja@...>casasdepaja@...(Network business)
>>>>  (0034) 657 33 51 62
>>>>  www.casasdepaja.com
>>>>  "We Have the Right and Responsability to Create the World we Want
>>>> to Live in"
>>>>  My mailing address is:
>>>>  Rikki Nitzkin
>>>>  Aul?s
>>>>  Aren 22583
>>>>  Huesca
>>>>  Spain
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