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GSBN:Come see straw-bale construction in China

Hi all,
I want to alert you all to an opportunity to visit a straw-bale
construction project in China. Perhaps it has been mentioned on the list
already, but here are additional details.

The China straw-bale technology transfer project I've been working on for
the last eight years recently won the 2005 World Habitat Award from the
United Nations and the Building Social Housing Foundation (a very cool NGO
in Great Britain that promotes innovative and sustainable housing solutions
throughout the world).

International study visits are carried out each year to the World Habitat
Award-winning projects in order to encourage the dissemination of
innovative housing practice around the world and to facilitate the transfer
of knowledge and experience. Bursaries are made available by BSHF enabling
participants from a range of countries to attend.

The purpose of the visits is to provide an in-depth understanding of the
practical techniques, training methods and project management approaches
used in each award-winning programme. Intensive site visits form a major
part of the study visit, providing an opportunity to study all aspects of
the programme and to meet those responsible for its success.

BSHF make bursaries available to help meet travel and accommodation costs
for persons wishing to participate in these visits. If you wish to be
considered for one of these bursaries, please visit the BSHF website,
www.bshf.org and click on International Study Visits. You can apply online
through March 31.

I'd love to see some of my friends from the GSBN community in China this
summer! Cheers,


Kelly Lerner, Architect
One World Design
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.one-world-design.com";>http://www.one-world-design.com</a>