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GSBN:Re: Paul Olivier in Louisiana

On Mar 24, 2006, at 8:17 AM, strawnet@...:

Paul Olivier in Louisiana has done extensive testing and work with rice
hulls as insulation and there is a detailed and comprehensive paper
downloadable as a pdf file on his website at www.esrla.com/  . . .
Paul is a brilliant and tireless innovator - I wonder if we should
invite him to join GSBN? Matts and Judy, you know him, what do you

Howdy, all --

I've met Paul, also, and was equally impressed.  Straw bale
construction per se isn't his thing, but he is a fountain of good
ideas, and would be a great addition to GSBN.

Also, along with everyone else, I think chopped straw as ceiling
insulation is a terrible idea UNLESS you take great care to seal it
with some plaster, both to prevent fire and conductive air flow.

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