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Re: GSBN:Chopped Straw as Ceiling Insulation

Fire hazard is clearly the critical issue to address with the considered use
of chopped (or unchopped) straw as ceiling insulation (or in a framed wall
or floor cavity).

In Mongolia a fire started with bare copper wire running through loose straw
insulation in an attic.  This gained much media attention and an undeserved
bad name for strawbale in the region, which has been difficult to reverse.
See TLS #44, page 35 for an article regarding this by Paul Lacinski (Paul,
do you want to weigh in on this?).

Borate or some other treatment might make chopped or loose straw a
legitimate, fire-safe loose insulation, but of course it would have to be
developed/tested, etc.

I also invite new GSBN member Bob Theis (is he in yet?) to weigh in.  Bob
has particular interest/knowledge regarding straw bales and fire.

Martin Hammer

> or blow-in attic insulation is the question. Anyone hard of this before? If
> so do you know a source for details or more information?
> Joyce
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