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Re: GSBN:Chopped Straw as Ceiling Insulation

At 9:19 PM +0100 3/24/06, Duncan Lithgow wrote:
On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 11:17 -0600, Joyce Coppinger wrote:
 Kris Dick wrote an article on use of rice hulls for insulation for TLS#47
 which can be downloaded from the TLS web site www.thelaststraw.org (click on
 back issues and scroll down or do a search on the word "rice").
The link ( <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.thelaststraw.org/articles/Rice%20Hull%";>http://www.thelaststraw.org/articles/Rice%20Hull%</a>
20House.pdf ) doesn't work anymore. Is it the same article as linked
here: ( <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.esrla.com/pdf/The-Rice-Hull-House2.pdf";>http://www.esrla.com/pdf/The-Rice-Hull-House2.pdf</a> ) by Paul A.

It works for me... but the URL shouldn't have spaces in it, and the
one you have above doesn't have /backissues/ in it.

Try <a  target="_blank" href="http://thelaststraw.org/backissues/articles/RiceHullHouse.pdf";>http://thelaststraw.org/backissues/articles/RiceHullHouse.pdf</a>

 Please check
 with Kris Dick (krisdick@mts.net) before linking this article to the Wiki
 > book.
There is no precedent for asking permission to link to a page on the
net. I'm not copying the texts into the wikibook, just incorporating
bits of information and referencing the report I get the info from.

Typically those who put pages on the web *expect* others to link to
them and *appreciate* when links are made to them.  Among other
things, it increases your ranking with search engines.

Bill Christensen
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