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Re: GSBN:Re: Paul Olivier in Louisiana

Hi David and Bruce,
Just read this suggestion re Paul Olivier...all Matts and I can say is that
any group (or individual) benefits from having Paul in the
discussion...brilliant, out-of-the-box thinker and...more important...doer, who has built with
straw-bales and rice hulls and is experimenting with making board from sugarcane
waste; and this just a sideline to taking on how we - globally - deal with our
human waste streams in a maximized recyling process.  We'd like to invite him
to join.

In a message dated 3/24/2006 10:07:04 AM US Mountain Standard Time,

> >Paul Olivier in Louisiana has done extensive testing and work with rice
> >hulls as insulation and there is a detailed and comprehensive paper
> >downloadable as a pdf file on his website at www.esrla.com/  . . .
> >Paul is a brilliant and tireless innovator - I wonder if we should
> >invite him to join GSBN? Matts and Judy, you know him, what do you
> >think?

Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman
Out On Bale
1037 E. Linden St.
Tucson, Az  85719

Each of us can and must champion the evolutionary breakthroughs necessary to
sustain all life.  The journey of a champion is difficult, AND our access to a
joyful life.
Judy Knox

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