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Re: GSBN:ASTM Tests on Rice Hulls

Hello Paul,

I assume that your message is an indication that you have accepted our
invitation to join the GSBN, and I want to welcome you here. This is an
extraordinary international group of people working on the ongoing
development and evolution of straw bale construction and natural

It isn't possible to send attachments to this list and typically people
either find a way to post the attachments somewhere that people can
download them or ask that members who are interested in receiving an
attachment contact them directly and e-mail to them off the list.

It's good to have you with us.

Warmest regards,

David Eisenberg

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 I do not know if it is possible to send files to this list.
But I would like to share the results of the ASTM tests
conducted on rice hulls.

Also, please see:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.esrla.com/shotgun/frame.htm";>http://www.esrla.com/shotgun/frame.htm</a>


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