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Re: GSBN:ASTM straw bale fire test coming your way

At 07:21 PM 3/28/2006, you wrote:
...................We also want to video the whole thing and make
a short DVD, so maybe those of you who can do that sort of thing (is
there anyone but Catherine?), please think about the cost and let us
know, again asap.........

Hi Bruce --

Good timing -- the New Mexico SBCA is meeting tomorrow -- and I will
get your request on the agenda.
I'm sure that a letter of support will be in the offing, plus there's
a very good chance that we will contribute financially.

Also -- I am willing to shoot the video too.  (Texas is just next
door, more or less......)  The biggest expense in such a video/DVD
project is the cost of editing.   Having realized how fast "footage"
can turn into "mileage," I believe now I could shoot economically
enough to keep the editing to a minimum.

Question:  Would it be useful to have letters of support from other
non-profit organizations?  (I'm thinking specifically about Builders
Without Borders.)

Catherine Wanek
Administrative Coordinator
Builders Without Borders