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Re: GSBN:Fire testing

On Mar 29, 2006, at 10:25 PM, Graeme North wrote:

Hi Bruce - happy to give New Zealand  support.

Addressee details and any suggested text would be welcome,

Simple is fine, even just by email, eg:

"The New Zealand Straw Building Association is pleased to hear of the
possibility of
an fire test on a plastered straw bale wall.  Because of the high
regard ASTM has among building officials worldwide, this will
undoubtedly end up being of as much use to us here as it will be for
North Americans.  Good luck obtaining the funding, and running a
successful test!"

I can compile email letters of support very easily, even without
letterheads and such, and don't need to be very formal with this
foundation.  Go ahead and add any personal notes, colloquialisms, or
just leave it simple and informal.  Mainly, it would be very useful to
show that straw bale / natural building people around the world care
about this at all.

Thanks again to you all,

Bruce King, PE
Director, Ecological Building Network  ( www.ecobuildnetwork.org )
Publisher, Green Building Press  ( www.greenbuildingpress.com )
209 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA 94965  USA
(415) 331-7630
bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org

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