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Re: GSBN:ASTM straw bale fire test coming your way

Greetings bro'

There are three great lies:

1.The cheque is in the mail.

2. I will still love you in the morning.

3. I come from British Columbia to help you.

That said, it is time to round up the Merry Mudders, wring some cash out of
them and send it your way to burn things.

Well done,


Sustainable Works
Habib John Gonzalez
RR#1, S-4, C-12
Crescent Valley, British Columbia
Canada, V0G-1H0
tel/fax 250-359-5095
"Better the kindness of imperfection than perfection without kindness"

I write to you all to enlist support.  The more tangible support
(donations) that we can gather from the various straw bale associations
(or individuals), even if very modest amounts, the better our chances
of securing the funding we seek from the foundation.  They like to see
widespread support for a project like this before committing their own

Right now, all I ask is for letters of support.