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Re: GSBN:International database of natural buildings

Hey Mark

I keep getting an error when clicking the link you provided, but I found it here instead

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.dr.dk/DR2/Friland/Levende+Huse/";>http://www.dr.dk/DR2/Friland/Levende+Huse/</a>

bale on
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/";>http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/</a>
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Subject: GSBN:International database of natural buildings

Hey GSBNers,

Maybe all of you know about this already while I somehow missed it -
but Lars Keller of Denmark (who we all know and love) has been
putting together an inspirational global database of (mostly)
contemporary natural buildings; he describes it as "like a database
equivalent to a 'coffee table' book." Each entry consists of at least
five photos and a few germane details. Many of the entries are not in
English. There are 83 so far. Please have a look, there are some
fabulous structures. <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.dr.dk/friland/undersider/levende_huse/";>http://www.dr.dk/friland/undersider/levende_huse/</a>

This is a wonderful thing: using local examples to inspire global
change. Contributors to the project have ranged from
internationally-recognized players to one-off owner-builders. I hope
you'll take a few minutes to join them; this kind of rather simple
initiative can have profound effects.

The database is for all natural building materials and methods. If
you have questions, please contact Lars at larskeller@...

Forwarded message:

- - - - -

My name is Lars Keller. Since 1998 I have been working in the field
of Straw Bale building.

My main working field geographically speaking has been Denmark,
including jobs in Latvija and Mongolia, and study in USA, England,
Holland, France, Norway, Ireland and Australia.

The focus of my work in Denmark has been the passing on knowledge
about SB construction to the first generation of selfbuilders through
workshops, gatherings, as well as with the authorities to recognize
the building method by performing various tests of sb-constructions.

In 2004 my partner and I hosted the ISBBC 04  - the International
Straw Bale Building Conference 2004 - in the ecovillage where we live
in Denmark.

At the moment I am doing research for an only database called Living
House. The purpose of the database is to inspire people to build
sustainable, economically, and energywise, and it is a bit like a
database equivalent to a "coffee table" book.

Below you will find more in depth info about the database, as well as
a questionaire (or you can use the one in the attached file).

If you are interested in contributing to the database it is important
to be aware that each building needs 5 pictures about minimum app.
3x5 cm. The answers for the questionaire can be very brief. I am also
more than happy to give you a call and gather the answers via phoneinterview.

Best Regards.
Lars Keller

- - - - -

What is Living Houses?

'Living Houses' is a database intended to inspire people via pictures
and information on existing, finished 'living houses' to make
sustainable, energywise decisions when building, extending or
retrofitting their house.

The address is www.dr.dk/friland/undersider/levende_huse/index.asp

The database is provided and maintained by DR - Danish Radio, the
public Danish National Broadcaster.

The DR are committed to make the information in the database freely
available. Therefore, should the DR decide to take the database
off-line the information will be passed on to a relevant grassroots
organisation willing to provide and maintain it as a freely
accessible online database.

All the information in the database is provided by either
selfbuilders or builders.

Most of the information is compiled by Joanna Morandin &amp; Lars Keller.

Be part of the inspiring, sharing database

By filling out the formula below AND supplying minimum 5 pictures of
your house, you can include your own house in the database.

While taking photos and filling out the formula remember that the
intention is to be inspirational.

Should you have any questions, then do not hesitate in contacting


Best Regards

Lars Keller


The formula contains three parts:
- house information
- building details
- sender details

The information will only be used to set up your Living Houses entry.
Your contact details will only be used to update your entry.

- - - - -

House Information

Name of house:
- eg, the Friland House


- Tell a little about the history of the house and describe the
building process and phases. You could include any problems or
interesting experiences you came across during the building process.


Geographic Location:
Country, Region, Town.


Is it possible for people to visit your house?

(yes - no)

Climatic Conditions:
- Describe your local climate, including rainfall and extremes of
wind, temperature, etc.


- Size of house in whole square metres.


Materials Costs:
- Approximate cost of materials in Euro or $US.


Building Started:
- The year you started building.


Building Finished:
-The year you finished building.


Email Address:




- - - - -

Building Details

- Describe the overall construction of the house.


- Describe the foundation, materials used etc.


- Describe the kind of insulation used.


Sender's Details
(We may need to contact you for further information).



- Your email address will be your user name if you need to change
your entry later.


- You will need your password to make changes to your entry.


Repeat Password:



- - - - -


Jo, Asger og jeg er pt I Australien. Vi er i Danmark igen til november.
Marts, april og maj maaned kan vi traeffes paa nedenstaende adresse
og tlf-numre.

Jo, Asger and I are in Australia until November this year. During
March, April and May our contacts are:


Lars, Jo og Asger
Seli Hoo
31 Addison Road
Black Forest
SA 5035

Fast nettlf: 0061 8829 76 249
Mobiltlf: 0061 405 366 455

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