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Re: GSBN:Fasba: strawbale press release asking you to publish/ forward

Judy and I love to see work done in the straw-bale "commons" meet with
success.  The folks at FASBA deserve congratulations for staying the course through
what was undoubtedly along, frustrating process.

And, as usual, sound advice from David on how to encourage further
cooperation from  "the authorities" as we Chug along and bale on.

In a message dated 4/11/2006 8:06:15 AM US Mountain Standard Time,

> Dirk and Joyce,
>  It strikes me that a good article in TLS documenting the process that
> Fasba went through to obtain this general approval would be of great
> benefit to both those working in Germany and elsewhere seeking to
> achieve similar acceptance for straw bale or other natural building
> materials. It would also provide an opportunity to acknowledge the
> individuals and the organizations and institutions that were involved
> and supported the process. Over the years we've found that it usually
> pays big dividends to publicly acknowledge government agencies and the
> people in them when they are involved in achieving such things - even
> if they were not as helpful as they might have been (or worse)...
> Published articles focusing on the positive outcome, when written using
> carefully chosen language in discussing the difficulties that were
> overcome, can set the stage for future successes. One of my
> long-standing principles for systemic change work is to do things in a
> way that makes it easier, not more difficult, for those who follow you.
> I have no doubt that this has been true in this effort and it would be
> great to have more in-depth information about this whole process. And
> one of my favorite sayings about systemic change work is this:
>  The way to subvert the dominant paradigm is to have more fun than they
> do and make sure they know it!
> Thanks again,
> David

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