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RE: GSBN:Moisture research

Dear Kuba,
I'm happy that you do this work. We're doing some moisture research too.

- Moisture/ temperature monitoring on 4 houses - one is being monitored
since November, 2004.
- Dynamic moisture transport simulation with WUFI
- Mold analyzing of embedded straw

The goal is to find the best prevention against moisture failure of a straw
bale construction and to get this in a buidling code.

In the next weeks we'll start a comprehensive research project with more
simulations, monitoring and analyzing. Our work and your work would fit
together perfectly to describe the complex mold problem of straw bales. Your
way to come more from the practical side may be the more significant one for
the building site. The way of simulating and mold analyzing for me seems to
be a good way to fit the requirements of the german building authorities.
Our first general approval for straw bales as an insulation material is
mainly based on simulations. Unfortunately we were not able to prove the
mold resistance of directly earth plastered straw bales, but we hope to do
this with the upcoming research.
We are working together with the Fraunhofer Institut fuer Bauphysik,

Let's get in contact!

Perhabs you would like to join our anual straw bale meeting in august,
18th-20th. There are some other international guests.

But anyway, I think we'll meet not later than ISBBC in Lakefield, do we?

You'll get my filled out questionaire immediately.



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