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GSBN:Re: Moisture Questionnaire

On Wed, 18 Apr 2006 Martin Hammer mfhammer@... wrote:

Hello GSBNers.  I'd like to encourage everyone to fill out the Moisture
Questionnaire for Jakub's research.  Important subject, and we will all
benefit from the collected results.


I will put up a copy of the questionnaire in the FILES section at SB-r-us
and make announcements to the REPP and SB-r-us lists notifying members of
its existence.

However I suspect that the response will be minimal ... as it was to a
similar questionnaire that was prepared by Mark Bigland-Pritchard (also
stored in the MOISTURE folder in the FILES section at SB-r-us) ... and as
it was to requests for monitoring data when Canada Mortgage &amp; Housing Corp
(CMHC) provided funding to evaluate economical/simple moisture monitoring
methods which resulted in the design of the wood block sensors that were
introduced to the SB world by Habib Gonzalez what, a decade or more ago ?

Even back then we knew that ineffective moisture detailing/management was
the Achilles Heel of SBC but still, too many people have in the
intervening years neglected to incorporate basic good building practise
WRT moisture detailing into the designs of their SBH.

We still hear of people building parapetted "Santa Fe" style SBH in
inappropriate climates (assuming that there is someplace where they are
appropriate)-- people building non-rainscreen designs with two-storey
walls fully exposed to rain-wetting -- people building recessed windows
with plastered sills in rainy climates-- people building with little or no
attention to air-sealing etc.

Quite frankly (and Shirley too), I don't think that it is more
questionnaires that the SB world needs.

I think what it needs are more forensic investigations into SBH that have
experienced moisture-related building failures. There should be plenty of
them (failures) in existence at this point in the SB revival (ie buildings
of 10 -15 years in age).

I think that the failures should be documented with lots of
high-resolution colour photos of the gory details accompanied by
commentaries from the owners and/or builders that talk about the mistakes
that were made. And then the reports should be read by anyone
contemplating building an SBH.

But the problem is, past experience seems to indicate that such
information is like dental floss-- people may know of its
existence/utility/wisdom but too often, don't bother to use it.

But back to the questionnaire:

The POLLS function at SB-r-us makes it very easy to gather responses to
surveys like Jakub's.
I have a feeling that if the questionnaire were set up as a POLL at
SB-r-us, there would be more responses within a week than there have been
in total in the months that have passed since Jakub first sent out his

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Rob Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
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