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Re: GSBN:fire test -- your opinions?


You can predict my response to your query, but I'll post it in the
spirit of group discussion.

These tests will  have the most impact in enabling straw bale
construction to move into more urban contexts.  Builders of such
projects will be going out on a limb to use straw bale to begin
with;  I can't imagine them making the further leap to earth plasters
for quite some time.

And I doubt, were I the architect,  I would press for earth plasters
in most cases; the more urban the context, the more human wear and
tear exterior finishes must withstand. Earth in the city is so
fragile that even lying flat it often needs protection from people.

Given the limitation to two tests,  you've chosen the most
representative configurations to examine.   ( I am so curious to see
if the strings melt on the bales on edge, and  if that happens,  what
the fire hose at the test's  conclusion does to the wall. )

Please ask them to examine the bales as the test walls are taken
apart. I assume we will get a video?


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