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Re: GSBN:fire test -- your opinions?

Hi Bruce,

I am particularly interested in lime without cement and would like to
know what effect adding mesh or fibre has on the rating. Given that many
fire walls are internal walls or else are used where buildings are in
close proximity to each other, it makes sense to do just bales on edge,
if you are limited to 2 tests, and vary the render.  I agree that the
types of buildings that need fire-ratings are less likely to use earth
render.  On the other hand, not having data on earth means that those
buildings will not be able to use it.  If I had to choose two I would go
for lime-sand and lime-sand with fibreglas mesh.  However, ultimately I
want to know the minimal assembly to achieve a two hour rating; whatever
that may be.

Do the ASTM tests give a simple hour rating or is it in the form of
structural adequacy/integrity/insulation?  The building code of
Australia uses the latter.

Andrew Webb

Bruce King wrote:

Everybody --

An ASTM fire test will be conducted this summer in San Antonio, Texas
on two different wall types.  .........
Any comments?


Bruce King, PE