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Re: GSBN:fire test -- your opinions?


We're hoping to soon have all the specifics soon about the ASTM
Standard Practice E2226 (for the Hose Stream Test). The failure of the
hose stream test would invalidate the overall test. Actually there is a
provision for retesting a duplicate specimen for half the time and the
cost is about half for this - but this would require building another
wall panel to have ready for a retest if the first specimen failed the
hose stream test. Thinking about this is what led Bruce and I to think
about building another panel to test something different rather than
having the back up panel in reserve at the lab. More than anything it
is the time and expense involved in building and plastering and curing
that limits our options at this point.

I keep coming around to thinking that maybe we should get a horizontal
propane heater and build a couple of little test panels somewhere and
heat them to something like what the temps are for the big test and
then blast away with a hose approximating the hose stream testing and
see whether earthen plasters could survive the two hours and the hose
test. I just hate to gamble on not ending up with at least one
successful assembly out of this investment.

As for the impact of failure, that depends on who and how we share that
information I suppose. But from what i know if we knew how many times
conventional materials and systems fail these various tests before they
figure out the right configuration or design, we would understand part
of why the bigger labs are very careful about who is able to see what
is being built and tested much of the time. It isn't only proprietary
knowledge they're worried about...


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  I am confident that a fire hose at close proximity could erode
 plaster. I wonder what the proximity between the nozzle and the wall
during the hose stream test. I wonder whether the fire hose is moved
during this part of the test (and how much), or if it is directed at a
single spot.

If the hose stream erodes the exterior earthen plaster fairly quickly,
would you speculate that the bales plus interior plaster could still
survive the hose stream test? If we build an experimental wall with
 multiple assemblies, and it fails, would you expect this to make it
to get permission from code officials to use any of these assemblies?


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