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GSBN:fire test -- preliminary testing

On Apr 27, 2006, at 9:23 AM, John Swearingen wrote:

Derek Roff wrote:

I like this idea.  These small test assemblies could be a fun weekend
project.  We've got a kerosene heater and a fire truck in Kingston
that might help with David's hypothetical private proto-testing.
What's the next step?

At the risk of being asked to DO something, I would agree that it's a
good idea.

John, Derek, Marcus, and anyone else --

It IS a good idea, but unless someone is willing to donate several days
of work and some materials and I don't know what else, it's just talk,
and let's drop it.

IF, however, someone can and will do some preliminary work -- and very
soon -- then say so (and bless your generous heart), and we can resume
the conversation off of GSBN so as to spare everyone.

More generally, I'm rather stunned at the unprecedented volume of
response my original query generated, and thank each of you who have
taken the time to write.

I'll reply in more detail after this conversation dies down, but, given
the obvious and overwhelming preference of most of this group, I think
we'll probably end up testing 14 inch thick solid concrete walls with
vinyl siding, maybe with some graffiti in mud scrawled on the side, eg
"God Bless Murrica!" or some such thing.


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