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Re: GSBN:fire test -- preliminary testing

--On Thursday, April 27, 2006 9:46 AM -0700 Bruce King
ecobruce@... wrote:

It IS a good idea, but unless someone is willing to donate several days
of work and some materials and I don't know what else, it's just talk,
and let's drop it.

I am willing to donate the time and materials.  I don't know if I have
access to all of  Bruce's "I don't know what else."  But I have a fire
truck.  That's pretty good, isn't it?

IF, however, someone can and will do some preliminary work -- and very
soon -- then say so (and bless your generous heart), and we can resume
the conversation off of GSBN so as to spare everyone.

I agree with taking the discussion off GSBN.  We would need more discussion
among those interested, to determine just what is needed in time,
expertise, materials and equipment, in order to figure out whether any of
us has all the needed components to pull this off.

And as Bruce says, mud graffiti is the answer to most modern problems.


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